Remember Tommy’s Pantry for Year-End Giving

During this season of giving, we ask that you put Tommy’s Pantry on your year end giving list. We maximize each dollar donated through tax-exempt connections with wholesale suppliers. For each bag of rice or container of laundry detergent you buy at a store, we can purchase four through a wholesaler. Our volunteers are all unpaid and we do not pay for the space we use.

Our goal for this holiday season is to make sure every person who comes to the Pantry leaves with a box complete with all of the items essential to their household.  Through your generous support we can continue to distribute more than 600 monthly boxes of food and health and wellness products to our neighbors.

As the needs of our neighbors have increased, along with the cost of groceries and fuel, we hope we can once again count on your support to meet this growing need. Also, Tommy’s Pantry is now registered with Fidelity Charitable, so if you have a giving account with Fidelity Charitable, you can elect Tommy’s Pantry as a donation recipient.