5 Reasons to Come to the Tommy’s Pantry Spring Fling

There are many reasons to support Tommy’s Pantry and 5 great reasons to come to the Spring Fling!

5. Because Spring and Fling!
When good people fill a room, the best things are possible. Come to the party, enjoy some light refreshments, catch up with old friends, make some new friends and find out all that’s planned for Tommy’s Pantry this Spring.

4. Because those we serve tell us how important the Pantry is to them.
No one can express the importance of the support Tommy’s Pantry provides like one of our recipients: “We have 3 kids and are waiting for our IRS check and it has not come. We don’t have enough to pay our bills right now. Any assistance you can give us means so much, thank you!!!”

3. Because we provide cleaning products and health and wellness boxes.
Tommy’s Pantry is one of the only local providers offering free hygiene items and cleaning products to those in need. SNAP (food stamps) does not cover so many basic necessities like, toothpaste, period products, laundry detergent, toilet paper and so much more. Tommy’s Pantry must purchase these items directly from our operating funds.

2. Because even turning away one person, one family is too many.
Thousands of Maryland families saw a cut to their food budget because of cuts to the emergency food benefits in SNAP. Now the lines are longer, the need is greater and sometimes we turn away as many as 25 cars, most with more than one family in them.

And the #1 reason to attend the Spring Fling, is …..

Because we care!
The most important reason to come to the Spring Fling and support Tommy’s Pantry is that we are Montgomery County residents and we take care of each other and look out for our neighbors.

Tommy’s Pantry can’t do this work without your financial support so we hope you can join with us and members of the Raskin family to celebrate spring, reconnect, and support the Pantry.

Buy your tickets now! This new event will feature light refreshments and conversation with community icons, and will take place on Sunday, April 30 from 4-6pm. Our gracious thanks to our hosts Diana and Billy Conway, who have provided their beautiful Potomac home as the venue for this year’s event.