1 Week to Go for MLK Toiletries Drive!

Looking for a way to celebrate & honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.? Tommy’s Pantry has 1 more week to go toward its goal of collecting at least 25 maxi pad packs, toothpaste, and deodorant during its community drive celebrating dignity and solidarity. Please consider donating through our Amazon wish list (ship to drive organizer Mark Hines) or visiting one of our local drop-off bins once the snow clears. Collected items will be used to help pack an extra 25 boxes for our February 3rd Wellness Distribution, bumping the total number of households we are able to serve that day up to 350 – a record number of households served in a single day by Tommy’s Pantry. Thank you to all who have contributed so far! For more information, visit https://tommyspantry.org/news/