MoCo Families Face Immediate Benefit Cuts

Today’s significant cut in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly “food stamps”) benefits will drive nearly 70,000 Montgomery County residents further into a food insecurity crisis. Beginning March 1, Emergency Allotments through the SNAP program are no longer available. On average, benefits checks across the state of Maryland will be reduced by about $170 per month. That’s 170 fewer dollars neighbors in need will have to buy groceries. To ease the effects of this crisis, and as referenced in our last newsletter, Tommy’s Pantry has expanded our wellness box offerings to serve 24 additional families, and we have added generous boxes of fresh fruits and vegetables to all of our Saturday distributions.

Despite these efforts, we anticipate a possible 15% increase in the number of Montgomery County families falling into a food insecurity crisis – people who previously had not needed services from Tommy’s Pantry. Our community needs businesses like TPSS Co-op, which offers double purchasing power for SNAP dollars used on produce, and local organizations like Tommy’s Pantry to fill the gap created by this benefits cut. Please support Tommy’s Pantry today so we can continue to provide wellness boxes, shelf-stable food, and fresh fruits and vegetables to families in need.

To learn more about the end of pandemic SNAP Emergency Allotments, please visit our website.